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The true taste of Cuba

An experience that awakens all the senses
• 2024 •

Discover Our Story

In the heart of New Tampa, where the sun kisses the palm trees and salsa music fills the air, stood “Las Palmas Latin Grill,” a cozy little restaurant that transported its patrons straight to the vibrant streets of Havana.

The aroma of slow-roasted lechón asado wafted from the kitchen, enticing passersby to step inside. The walls adorned with vintage Cuban posters told tales of musicians, and baseball legends. The wooden tables, scarred by countless conversations, held the promise of unforgettable meals.

Tasteful Recipes

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For those with pure food indulgence in mind, come in and sate your desires with our ever-changing Cuban and seasonally inspired plates. We love food, lots of different food, just like you.

The perfect Blend

Culinary Delightful

Housed in a restored building, we promise an intimate and relaxed dining experience that offers something different to local and foreign patrons and ensures you enjoy a memorable food experience every time.